Looks like I started this particular blog in 2011, though that doesn’t seem right because I am writing this “About” section in the latter half of 2018. Talk about procrastination… But better late than never. You will find there isn’t a whole lot of “about” here, because I am just using this blog as a place to post various writings that may or may not be related at all, or form any type of cohesive theme. Not even sure I will make separate pages for different themes. Sometimes I like to write and maybe I just want to release it to the interwebs and see what happens? Like throwing a message in a bottle into the sea… Will anyone find it? I also don’t want to have to worry about this being attached to my real name or my business, though I am a lot less worried now that I am free from the shackles of practicing law. Regardless, who’s to say this isn’t all fiction anyways? Maybe it is? Guess you’ll never know. One thing that is not a fiction is that this blog is named in honor of my paternal grandmother, Nana, who was a witty and fiery Irish redhead.  She died from Alzheimer’s when I was only six years old, but from what I can tell we have a lot in common. And she wrote a weekly humor newspaper column way back when I don’t think many women were doing such things.  Her pen name was Flair Flahogan.

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